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2014-08-13 Immigration President Obama is on the right track
2014-08-12 Immigration Migrant Children tell their own Stories with help from Georgia Southern Professors
2014-08-12 Immigration Latino Families Deserve a Humanitarian Solution
2014-08-08 Immigration Rep. Gutiérrez Floor Speech: “Only Cowards Scapegoat Children and Only Those Who Are Ashamed of Themselves Do It After Hours on a Friday Night”
2014-08-06 National NALEO Calls for Fix to Combat Modern Day Voting Discrimination Against Latino Voters Prior to Election 2014
2014-08-04 Immigration Latino Victory Project Statement on House Immigration Vote
2014-08-04 Immigration U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R) on immigration, #BorderChildren & #DACA ban
2014-08-01 Immigration Growing number of Georgia Latino voters generates interest from national documentary
2014-08-01 Immigration MFV Education Fund: Latino Community Will Not Forget Congress’ Attacks Against Immigrants While Failing To Do Its Job
2014-08-01 Immigration Conservative Compassion is Dead and the GOP Did It Republican-led House fails to vote on a path to citizenship but instead votes to deport children and families
2014-08-01 Immigration NILC: Shameful Display of Politics Attacks Women and Children Fleeing Violence
2014-08-01 Immigration Compassion is Dead in the Party of Lincoln
2014-07-31 Immigration Deal: We will show compassion, follow rule of law Governor meets with Latino community leaders to discuss state’s role in unaccompanied minor crisis
2014-07-31 Immigration New Report Details Prejudice and Pretext in Georgia's Hyper Immigration Enforcement
2014-07-31 Immigration Immigration: Deal eases tone on kids: Governor, Hispanic leaders talk; ‘we are willing to do our part.’
2014-07-24 Immigration Deal: Talk to states before sending unaccompanied minors
2014-07-23 Immigration Speaker John Boehner’s Border Task Force Releases Recommendations: “Heartless House Republicans Are At It Again, This Time Hurting Children”
2014-07-07 Immigration Behind the Scenes of Obama's Sudden Immigration Reversal
2014-07-01 Local Lt. Melissa Vargas: ready to serve
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