Mexican-American Coalition for Immigration Reform (MXACIR) Letter to Sec. Napolitano

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Written by Mexican-American Coalition for
Posted on 2009-12-14

The Mexican American Coalition for Immigration Reform (MXACIR) will deliver a letter Monday to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and the White House detailing grave concerns with aggressive enforcement tactics that are terrorizing Latino communities nationwide, splitting up families and placing record numbers of noncriminal Latino men, women and children into detention.

In the one week since the letter began circulating on Dec. 7th, hundreds of community-based Latino organizations, clubs, federations and businesses from throughout the country endorsed the letter. MXACIR National Coordinator Lorena Colin says that the overwhelming response demonstrates that Latino grassroots groups are highly organized and also very troubled by harsh and punitive actions taken by the administration against the Latino community. "Our communities are being torn apart by heavy-handed enforcement actions that are destabilizing families, neighborhoods and entire communities," Colin says. "As Latino leaders, voters, advocates and caring human beings we are stunned that instead of the immigration reform that was promised, what we have is record numbers of Latino immigrants being placed into detention, being fired from their long-held jobs and deported with no consideration of their families, community ties, or due process." The letter specifies concerns with the increase in detentions, the expansion of the 287g program and Secure Communities Programs, the increase in "audits" of businesses and the construction of more corporate-owned immigrant detention centers. "To try to paint members of the immigrant community as lawbreakers that need to be harshly punished does a tremendous disservice to immigrants who've helped build this country with their hard labor and entrepreneurial spirit. Our community has been punished enough," says Veronica Isabel Dahlberg, who endorsed the letter on behalf of HOLA, a Latino grassroots organization based in Ohio.


La(MXACIR) es una iniciativa nacional formada por un grupo de lideres Mexicanos y México-Americanos de gran influencia e incluye a grupos como COFEM, NALACC, Red de Mexicanos, CONFEMEX, Capítulos locales de LULAC, sindicatos laborales, organizaciones sociales y religiosas, organizaciones sin fines de lucro, empresarios, abogados e individuos profundamente involucrados en la defensa de la comunidad Mexicana y Latina en general, trabajando en conjunto por una reforma migratoria integral.


The Mexican-American Coalition for Immigration Reform (MXACIR) is a national initiative formed by a group of influential Mexican and Mexican-American leaders and includes groups such as COFEM, NALAAC, CONFEMEX, Local Chapters of LULAC, labor unions, religious and social organizations, non-profit organizations, business owners, and individuals deeply involved in advocacy for the Mexican
community, and working together for comprehensive immigration reform.

55 E Jackson St Suite 2075
Chicago IL 60604

December 14, 2009

Ms. Janet Napolitano
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington D.C. 20528

We, the undersigned organizations, are writing to express our deep concern with developments in
immigration enforcement by this administration that are exceedingly heavy-handed and having a
devastating impact on our community. Specifically, we are concerned with the increase in the number of Latino immigrants being placed into detention, the expansion of the 287g program, the implementation of "Secure Communities," the increase in "audits" of businesses, and the continued construction of yet more immigrant detention centers.

During the presidential campaign, President Obama promised the Latino community that he would
address immigration during his first year in office. It was a pledge that drove millions of hopeful Latinos to the polls. As his first year winds down, it is disheartening for us to see that not only has immigration reform not been realized, but on the contrary, immigration enforcement is harsher than ever. Our anguish grows ever more desperate with each day that goes by and more families are split apart by this broken immigration system.

As Latino leaders nationwide, we are startled and angry by the actions that have been undertaken during the first year of the Obama administration. A sobering report with the name of "Immigration Detention Overview and Recommendations" released October 6 by Dr. Dora Schriro, former Director of the Office of Detention Policy and Planning, reveals that nearly a quarter million Latino immigrants have been detained in FY 2009, an increase over those detained during the Bush administration. This stunning report comes in the wake of alarming statements from you as DHS Secretary during a New York Times interview published October 5, promising to reform the detention system by converting America's vacant hotels into detention centers for immigrant women and children.

We are also bewildered that this administration has recently announced its goal to expand the 287g program, despite a letter signed by 500 organizations, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, asking for such program to be eliminated. To continue to expand 287g is premature, since no studies about the impact on victims of crime and human trafficking have been done. We know that 287g programs harm the relationships between Latinos and law enforcement, and create fear among victims of crime. In fact, though the U visa for victims of crime was created in 2000, with an allocation of 10,000 per year, to date, less than 100 have been granted.

The relationship between Latinos and police is being further compromised as this administration expands the Secure Communities program (SCOMM) initiated by President George W. Bush. In his proposed 2010 budget, President Obama asked Congress for $200 million for the program, a 30 percent increase that puts it on track to receive $1.1 billion by 2013. SCOMM has increased neighborhood sweeps and arrests during traffic stops.

Another troubling development is the workplace "audits." During the Bush administration Latinos
protested the military-style raids on worksites that resulted in the mass arrests and incarceration of immigrant workers. The largest, in 2007, rounded up 1300 workers. Yet these numbers pale in comparison to the massive lay-offs of 1800 immigrant workers during the Obama administration's "audit" of American Apparel in Los Angeles, and the 1250 janitors fired by ABM Industries in Minneapolis, MN last month. We are devastated to learn that 1,000 more audits are underway, as we realize the majority of those who will lose their jobs are Latinos with families to support. Though the military garb and tactics are gone, the net result is practically the same: long-established, taxpaying Latino immigrant workers and their families are suffering the loss of their means of support.

Finally, we decry the construction of more detention centers for immigrants, including the new 500-bed facility that just opened in North Georgia, and the 2,200-bed immigrant detention center slated for construction in Los Angeles, for which DHS is opening bids on Dec. 15. We respectfully call on you and the Obama administration to stop placing the members of our community into detention, and to honor your promise to go after only "the worst of the worst."

When he was on the campaign trail, President Obama promised immigration reform during his first year in office to the Latino community. Latinos believed those promises were made in good faith. Yet it has become disturbingly apparent that instead of reform that will bring our community out of the shadows and become fully integrated members of society, the administration is intent on stepping up enforcement and placing more of our people into detention.

We come to you as Latino voters, leaders, advocates, and caring human beings that are working to keep our families and communities together. We are respectfully calling on you and President Obama to honor his pledge to reform immigration, and to stop the heavy-handed enforcement tactics that are destroying the fabric of our communities. This must be done NOW for the sake of our families-hardworking men and women who toil in the fields and factories of this country, and millions of US citizen children, who depend on them for love and support.

We thank you for your time and consideration,

1 Agustin Sanchez CLASE Anchorage AK

2 Martha Garcia AZ State Representative Phoenix AZ

3 Isabel G. Garcia Coalicion de Derechos Humanos Tucson AZ

4 Juan M. Guerrero Community Leadership Alliance Yuma AZ

5 Martha Burruel Concilio Latino de Salud Phoenix AZ

6 Elias Bermudez Emigrantes Sin Fronteras, Inc. Phoenix AZ

7 Sergio Urbina FLC Mexican Legal Consultant Phoenix AZ

8 Jose Aley JILPA Phoenix AZ

9 Francisco Mendoza Latin American Assoc. of Real Estate Professionals Phoenix AZ

10 Salvador De La Torre Los Hijos de la Llorona Phoenix AZ

11 Alejandro Hernandez Allende Unido South Gate CA

12 Raul Macias Anahuak Youth Sports Association Los Angeles CA

13 Alfredo Cuellar Aprender es Vivir Clovis CA

14 Alicia Lepe CA Partnership San Bernardino Chapter Los Angeles CA

15 Roberto Bravo CBO - Consejo Binacional de Organizaciones Comunitarias Mexicanas-USA Los Angeles CA

16 The Rev. David J. Kalke and Socorro Quinones Central City Lutheran Mission San Bernardino CA

17 Jesus Gonzalez and Saul Buitron Centro Inmigrante Latino Salida CA

18 Jorge Desoto Club Activo Sinaloa en CA Los Angeles CA

19 Mucio Marin Club Apulco Unidos Riverside Ca

20 Rafael Hurtado Club Cultural Adjuntas Del R Zacatecas Downey CA

21 Ricardo F Bernal Club El dominguejo Sylmar CA

22 Omar Briceno Club Hermandad Jalpense Long Beach CA

23 Cecilio Duran Club La Villita Sylmar CA

24 Pina Hernandez Club Magdalena de Xochiltepec La Habra CA

25 Karlos R. De La Torre Club San Juan De Los Lagos Jalisco del Norte de CA Fremont CA

26 José Luis Jimenez Club Santa Ana Ahuehuepan Hidalgo Los Angeles CA

27 Mario Bugarin Club Social Atolinga El Monte CA

28 Adan Ortega Club Villa Hidalgo Manteca CA

29 Sergio Aguirre Consejo de Federaciones Mexicanas en Norteamérica (COFEM) Los Angeles CA

30 Sergio Tinoco and President Comite Mexicano Civico Patritico Huntington Park CA

31 Kendra Atleework Direct Action Claremont Claremont CA

32 Alejandra Cedillo, Esq. Duran & Cedillo Los Angeles CA

33 Raul Pickett El Futuro Credit Union Porterville CA

34 Jorge Desoto CCIME-La Puente CA La Puente CA

35 Santiago Rosales Federacion Zacatecana Sur California City Terrace CA

36 Ramiro Romero Ramos FECADEMIN Lynwood CA

37 Josefina Herrera Federacion de Clubes Chihuahuenses Los Angeles CA

38 Gonzalo Farias Federacion de Clubes de Colima Los Angeles CA

39 Hugo Roman Federacion de Clubes Jalisciences del sur de California Paramount CA

40 Jose Garcia Federacion de Clubes Jaliscienses del Sur de CA Montclair CA

41 Manuel Salazar Federacion De Clubes Zacatecanos del Sur de CA Los Angeles CA

42 Jorge Fernandez And Gina Lopez Federacion Mexico Unido Los Angeles CA

43 Rafael Murillo Federacion Sonora Los Angeles CA

44 Esthela Valencia Federacion Zacatecana San Jose CA

45 Manuel Salazar Federation of Zacatecan Intl Benefit Org. Los Angeles CA

46 Juan Alvarez Frente Binacional de Activistas Comunitarios OC-USA Westminster CA

47 Silvina Gomez Fundacion Jalisco USA North Hills CA

48 Henoc Trujillo Garden Art M/M Gilroy CA

49 Jesus Luevano Hermandad Jalpense Long Beach CA

50 Raul Murillo Hermandad Mexicana Nacional Los Angeles CA

51 Gloria Saucedo Hermandad Mexicana T Panorama City CA

52 Sylvia Marin Hidalguenses en California Downey CA

53 Juan J Gonzalez ILWU local 6 Oakland CA

54 Josée Luis Jiménez Jiménez Demolition, Inc. Los Angeles, CA

55 Jose L Gomez Jose L Gomez Income Tax Inglewood CA

56 Ana Del Rio La Hermandad Oxnard CA

57 Luis Vasquez-Gomez La Raza CRC San Francisco CA

58 Carlos C Lopez Latino Tax Professional Association Salinas CA

59 Rosa Maria Gonzalez Lavish Shoes El Monte CA

60 Martin Velazquez LULAC Palm Spring CA

61 Antonio Cortes Mesa Directiva "Santa Maria Tindu" Madera CA

62 Gerardo Dominguez Mexican-American Political Committee San Jose CA

63 Angela Sanbrano National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) Los Angeles CA

64 Juan Martin Suaste NEUTLA San Diego CA

65 Teresa De La Rosa OLA Raza Inc. Porterville CA

66 Luis Magaña Organizacion de Trabajadores Agricolas de California Stockton CA

67 Suzanne Foster Pomona Economic Opportunity Center Pomona CA

68 Carlos Moreira Rapid Response Network San Bernardino San Bernardino CA

69 Helen B. Marrow The Association of Mexicans in North Carolina (AMEXCAN) San Francisco CA

70 Alfredo Gomez UPEXT.ORG Los Angeles CA

71 Ruth Gonzalez Garcia Vernon-Commerce Credit Union Commerce CA

72 Veronica Alvarado Warehouse Workers United Fontana CA

73 Josefina Gutierrez C.B.O. Boyle Heights CA.

74 Richard Garcia Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition Westminster CO

75 Nicolas Diaz Asociacion de Mexicanos en Connecticut West Haven CT

76 Carlos R. Calderon Network of Latino Credit Unions and Professionals Washington DC

77 Carlos R. Calderon, Melisa Wilson OAS Staff FCU Washington DC

78 Braulio Torres United Methodist Church Washington DC

79 Sergio Garduno Servicio Latino PC Wilmington DE

80 Ana Laura Bolaños A.M.A Alianza de Mujeres Activas Seville FL

81 Ulises Mora CCIME - FL Orlando FL

82 Oscar Aldana Consejo Mexicano de la Bahia de Tampa Clearwater FL

83 Gabriel Bonserio HDG Marketing Industries Tampa FL

84 Gloria Hernandez Immigrants United For Freedom Immokalee FL

85 Brad Scott Shows IPHOTOSHOWS.COM Saint Petersburg FL

86 Jose Cabriales Latin-American Coalition Fort Pierce FL

87 Manny De La Vega MERA Mexican Restaurant Association Deland FL

88 Jose Maria Rubio Jr. Mexland Corporation Groveland FL

89 Maria I. Pouncey Migrant Education Community Center Tallahassee FL

90 Diana Margarita Ortega Sen University of FL Orlando FL

91 Yomara Velez 9 to 5: National Association of Working women Atlanta GA

92 America Gruner Coalicion de Lideres Latinos-CLILA Dalton GA

93 Anton Flores-Maisonet Alterna GA

94 Rafael Navarro El Nuevo Georgia Norcross GA

95 Luz M. Cano Fountain of Love UMC Atlanta GA

96 Jerry Gonzalez, Maria Duarte GALEO Atlanta GA

97 Aaron Ortiz-Santos Hernan Taylor & Lee, LLC Norcross GA

98 Adelina Nicholls Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights Atlanta GA

99 Carlos Esquer GLAHR Atlanta GA

100 Rev. Angela Rivers Iglesia Metodista Unida Douglas Street United Methodist Church Cartersville GA

101 Fredy Ontibon Olive Springs Baptist Church Marietta GA

102 Rosa Esquivel Rosy's LLC Marietta GA

103 Rev. Daniel Medina United Methodist Church Brunswick GA

104 Nora Martinez United Methodist Church Decatur GA

105 Rev. Joel Rodriguez United Methodist Church Norcross GA

106 Rev. Aida Luz Beltran-Gaetan United Methodist Church, in GA Atlanta GA

107 Curtis Rivers United Methodist Minister Adairsville GA

108 Rev, Michael Blevins United Methodist Church Decorah IA

109 Leo Morales Idaho Community Action Network Boise ID

110 Charles Lopez Ageless Arts Tattoo Chicago IL

111 Anna Arise Chicago Chicago IL

112 Jesus Cardenas Asociacion de Clubes y Migrantes Michoacanos en IL Chicago IL

113 Jose Rodriguez ASPIRA Inc. of IL. Chicago IL

114 Yesenia Villasenor Attorney Chicago IL

115 Manuel Bridges for Language Aurora IL

116 Olivia Hernandez C.C.Juan Diego Chicago IL

117 Abraham Duenas and Alma Duenas Catedral Cafe Chicago IL

118 Juan Carlos Diosdado CCIME- CHICAGO Chicago IL

119 Martin Unzueta Chicago Community and Workers Rights Chicago IL

120 Alma Duenas Chicago Public Schools Chicago IL

121 Gilberto Rosado Church of God Chicago IL

122 Rosa Maria De La Vega Club San Bartolo Michoacan - FEDECMI Cicero IL

123 Jose Gasca Club San Pedro Montgomery IL

124 Bences Maravilla Club San Pedro Aurora Aurora IL

125 Manuel Martinez Club Tlatzal Guerrero Chicago IL

126 Mario Ortega, Susan Ortega, Juan Ortega Club Villa Juarez Brookfield IL

127 Ana Marmolejo, Felix Marmolejo Club Villa Juarez Cicero IL

128 Maria Cuellar, Ismael Cuellar Club Villa Juarez Homer glen IL

129 Jaime Moreno Club Xonacatla Chicago IL

130 Xóchitl Bada Coalición por los Derechos Políticos de los Mexicanos en el Exterior Chicago IL

131 Jorge Mujica Comite 10 de Marzo Chicago IL

132 Lourdes Espinoza Community Defense Foundation Aurora IL

133 Arcadio Delgado Confederacion de Federaciones Mexicanas - CONFEMEX Chicago IL

134 Rogelio Herrera CONFEMEX Chicago IL

135 Inca Rumold DePaul University Chicago IL

136 Graciela Dibos District U-46 Glendale Heights IL

137 Claudia Lucero Durango Unido en Chicago Chicago IL

138 Alberto Cabrera El Chopito Records Chicago IL

139 Edilvia M. Santoyo Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare Elmhurst IL

140 Rocio Garcia Erie Neighborhood House Chicago IL

141 Rafaela Ramirez Federacion Zacatecana Chicago IL

142 Martha Ortega Marmolejo FECAME Lyons IL

143 Isabel Lopez FECAME Franklin Park IL

144 Gerardo Torres FEDECMI Aurora Aurora IL

145 Francisco Herrera FEDECMI Joliet Joliet IL

146 Javier G Madriz FEDEJAL Chicago Chicago IL

147 Fabián Morales Federación Guerrerense Chicago IL

148 Jorge Malvaez First Rate Realty Srv. Berwyn IL

149 Hayley B. Strege Grace Lutheran School Chicago IL

150 H. Hathaway Hales Franciscan High School Chicago IL

151 Greg Salgado Hispanic Civic Alliance of IL Aurora IL

152 Luis E. Pelayo Hispanic Council Cicero IL

153 Ignacio Cruz Iglesia Agape Berwyn IL

154 Artemio Arreola IL Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Berwyn IL

155 Cristobal Cavazos Immigrant Solidarity Dupage Wheaton IL

156 Maria S. Ramirez Instituto del Progreso Latino Chicago IL

157 Cristine Pope Interfaith Leadership Project Cicero IL

158 Tom Walsh Jewish Council on Urban Affairs Chicago IL

159 Maria D.Amezcua LULAC 300 METRO CHICAGO Chicago IL

160 M. Alma Alvarado M. Alma Alvarado, Attorney at Law, P.C. North Riverside IL

161 Maria Del Socorro Pesqueira Mujeres Latinas en Acción Chicago IL

162 John Cabral Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice Oak Park IL

163 Rev. Michael J. Boehm Priests for Justice for Immigrants Chicago IL

164 Nayra Guadalupe Bernacki REDEFECO- Rescue and Development Federation of Coahuila Chicago IL

165 Nayhely Curiel ROC-CHICAGO Chicago IL

166 Miguel Duron St Roman Parish Cicero IL

167 Margarita Villasenor St. Francis of Asissi Church Chicago IL

168 Adrian Garcia United Methodist Church Cobden IL

169 Elizabeth Arellano Hdz Viva La Gente/LDM26/LVCC Chicago IL

170 Dr. Yolanda Nieves Wright College Chicago IL

171 Eduardo Estala Rojas Writer, poet, and cultural journalist. Cicero IL

172 Ana Maria Trujillo Plaisant Zoydo Sabines LLC Chicago IL

173 Jorge Duenas All Tax Services Inc Cicero IL

174 Carlos Terrazo Nueva Vida Cristian Church Chicago il

175 Ingrid Goobar-Szleifer And Alicia Morales University of St Francis Joliet IL

176 Cielo Fernandez Ortega El Centro Inc Kansas City KS

177 Shane Cuevas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City Stilwell KS

178 Javier Rios United Methodist Church Topeka KS

179 Sister Francis Margaret Maag, CDP Congregation of Divine Providence Covington KY

180 Sister Francis Margaret Maag, Cdp Sisters of Divine Providence Covington KY

181 Oscar Ramos Gallardo Centro Latino La Semilla Metairie LA

182 Lisa Ponce De Leon City of New Orleans New Orleans LA

183 Jorge Y Fanny Pantelís Iglesia Metodista Wheaton MD

184 William H. Willson U.S. Dept. of Labor, OSHA Fort Washington MD

185 Milly Rivera United Methodist Church Frederick MD

186 Yolanda Pupo-Ortiz United Methodist Church Gaithersburg MD

187 Luis Garcia CCIME-Detroit Grand Rapids MI

188 John Roy Castillo Cristo Rey Community Center Lansing MI

189 Francisco M. Vega Republican National Hispanic Asssembly(RNHA)-State Chairman, Emeritus Grand Rapids MI

190 Zoraida Sanchez Sanchez Income Tax Grand Rapids MI

191 Sonya Luna United Methodist Church Member Dearborn Heights MI

192 Catherine Salonek St Cloud State University New Hope MN

193 Margaret Villanueva St Cloud State University St Cloud MN

194 Christina Vasquez Case Alianzas/MU Extension/UMKC/IHD Kansas City MO

195 Lorena Colin Mexican-American Coalition for Immigration Reform (MXACIR) National

196 Maria D. Raymundo AMEXCAN de Bailey Bailey NC

197 Quirino Borlan Asociación de Guatemaltecos en Carolina del Norte (AGUACAN) Greenville NC

198 Maria Gabriel Asociación de Mexicanos en Carolina del Norte en Tarboro Tarboro NC

199 Erica Sanchez Asociación de Mexicanos en Carolina del Norte-Snowhill Snow Hill NC

200 Juvencio Rocha Peralta Association of Mexicans in North Carolina - Simpson Simpson NC

201 Fernando Trulin Brunswick Educational Transition Center Supply NC

202 Maria Ruiz Carolina Family Health Centers Wilson NC

203 Aida Taylor CCIME- NC Raleigh NC

204 Jordan Cobb Centro La Comunidad Chapel Hill NC

205 Consuelo Kwee Centro para Familias Hispanas Raleigh NC

206 Juan Pablo Servin Eastern North Carolina Latin American Coalition (ENCLACO) Greenville NC

207 Maria Faysal Edgecombe County Migrant Program Tarboro NC

208 Irene Avila El Pueblo, Inc. Raleigh NC

209 Justin Flores Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO Dudley NC

210 Manuel Sotelo Jóvenes Latinos en Acción de Greenville Greenville NC

211 Gabriel Sanchez and Juan Jose Lara Jóvenes Latinos en Acción de Tarboro Tarboro NC

212 Manuel Sotelo Jovenes Latinos en Accion(Nash) Brattleboro NC

213 Paola Jaramillo La Conexion Hispanic Newspaper Raleigh NC

214 Minnie Johnson Sycamore Hill MBC Greenville NC

215 Kelly Carpio UNISAL Charlotte NC

216 Olga Caceres UNISAL Huntersville NC

217 Ivonne Riojas Viva Mexico Charlotte NC

218 Juan Payan Hitchiner Mfg Milford NH

219 Winona Nava Credit Union Santa Fe NM

220 Maria Teresa Vigil Guadalupe Credit Union Santa Fe NM

221 Brenda Dominguez Guadalupe Credit Union Santa Fe NM

222 Ralph Nava Holy Trinity Orthodox Church Santa Fe NM

223 Stephanie Pelayo Asociacion de Baja California Las Vegas NV

224 Elizabeth Schmerfeld Huffine Bilingual Translation Agency Reno NV

225 Maria Guillen Club Puruandiro Michoacan Las Vegas NV

226 Javier Bernal Corporate Image Ltd Las Vegas NV

227 Javier Bernal Federacion de Chihuahuenses en Las Vegas NV Las Vegas NV

228 Sotero Flores Federacion de Poblanos de Las Vegas Las Vegas NV

229 Amado Cortez Fedracion de Clubes Zacatecanos de NV Elko NV

230 Andres Mendoza,

Priscilla Rocha HABLE-SER Las Vegas NV

231 Fernando Romero Hispanics In Politics Las Vegas NV

232 Virginia Orozco Lazer Broadcasting Reno NV

233 Antonio Garcia Asociacion del D. F. en Las Vegas Las Vegas NV

234 Carmelo Maceda Casa Puebla NY New York City NY

235 Juan Caceres CECOMEX New York City NY

236 Moises Esparza Columbia's Chicano Caucus New York NY

237 Mariela Dabbah Consultare, Inc Briarcliff Manor NY

238 Jaime Lucero FAMA Federacion de Asociaciones Mexico-Americanas New York City NY

239 Brenda Lopez Romero Latin American Law Student Association Syracuse NY

240 Edwin Batalla MASA Brooklyn NY

241 Angelo Cabrera Mexican American Students Alliance Bronx NY

242 Arcenio Garcia Mexican Sports Federation NYC Bronx NY

243 Pablo Defilippi National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions New York NY

244 Maria Guevara Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership, Inc. New York NY

245 Robert L. Cloud, Attorney Attorney Milford OH

246 Robert Friel Bellarmine Parish Cincinnati OH

247 Jessica Reading and Jennene P. Alexander Butler County Community Alliance Hamilton OH

248 Ramonita Johnson Catholic Charities Services Cleveland OH

249 Margaret Singer Catholic Charities SWO Cincinnati OH

250 Jay Westbrook Cleveland City Council Cleveland OH

251 Robert Chavez Cleveland State University Solon OH

252 Joel P. Arredondo Coalition of Hispanic Issues and Progress-CHIP Lorain OH

253 Florentina Staigers, Esq. Columbus Attorney Columbus OH

254 Tamara Parson Diversity Coalition of Knox County OH Mount Vernon OH

255 Lana Hughes Domestic Violence Center Cleveland OH

256 Patricia Sue Johnson Eastside Hispanic Ministry Reynoldsburg OH

257 Jesus Laboy Elim Church Cleveland OH

258 Karen Hartman,Sfp Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Cincinnati OH

259 Mark Gilson Gilson Gardens, Inc. Perry OH

260 Victor A. Ruiz Hispanic Roundtable Cleveland OH

261 Veronica Isabel Dahlberg HOLA Ashtabula OH

262 Vanessa Rivera Iglesia Cristiana (Discipulos de Cristo) Cleveland OH

263 Iluminado Castellano Iglesia Cristiana Mana (Disciples of Crist) Columbus OH

264 Rev Brian InTouch Christian Center Cleveland OH

265 Lourdes Leon La Voz Fairfield OH

266 Ruben Castilla Herrera Latin@LeaderShift Columbus OH

267 Armando Labra Latinos Unidos Youngstown OH

268 Jason Riveiro LULAC Ohio Cincinnati OH

269 Ruben J. Ramos NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland OH

270 Max Rodas And Rachel Dugan Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center Cleveland OH

271 Lupe Williams Ohio Commission on Hispanic Latino Affairs Wooster OH

272 Julia Arbini Carbonell Ohio Hispanic Coalition Columbus OH

273 Rose Rodriguez Bardwell, Exec. Dir. Spanish American Committee Cleveland OH

274 Carrie Morris St Raphael Social Services Hamilton OH

275 Mary Lindenberger St. Anthony Hispanic Community Canton OH

276 Susan E Whigham St. Paul United Methodist Church Dayton OH

277 Sabino Sardineta Centro Cultural of Washington County Cornelius OR

278 Dagoberto Morales-Duran UNETE Medford OR

279 Dora Navarro, Jaime Alvarez Casa Guanajuato Kennett Square PA

280 Rafael Gonzalez Casa Guanajuato K.S. Coatesville PA

281 Kathleen Goddard Snyder Casa Guanajuato K.S. Kennett Square PA

282 Samuel Garcia Casa Guanajuato LANDBERG Landenberg PA

283 Jorge Constantino Pérez-Rico Sin Fronteras 91.1 FM- Spanish Radio Show Gettysburg PA

284 Rev. Santos N. Escobar Comite Pro- Inmigrante de la Iglesia Vida Abundante de Providence Providence RI

285 Rafael Camacho Club de Oriudos de Yextla Bluffton SC

286 Ivan Segura Consejo de Mexicanos en las Carolinas Columbia SC

287 Gabriel Guedea Decor Cast Stone LLC Bluffton SC

288 Mario Martinez Instituto Mexicano Americano de Cultura Bluffton SC

289 Tammy Besherse SC Appleseed Justice Center Columbia SC

290 Gregory Torrales South Carolina Hispanic Leadership Council Columbia SC

291 Juan Romo CCIME-TN Memphis TN

292 Leticia Alvarez Tennessee Immigrant Refugee Rigths Coalition Nashville TN

293 Jose Carlos Garza Allstate Insurance San Antonio TX

294 Abel Morales Cameron County Homeless Partnership Brownsville TX

295 Mary Dominguez Casa Chihuahua, Inc. DFW Grand Prairie TX

296 Benigno Pena Casa Mexico Harlingen TX

297 Arturo Ramirez Center for Economic Opportunities, Inc. Edinburg TX

298 Jorge Navarrete Olalde Cleburne Casa Guanajuato Cleburne TX

299 Alfredo Chalico Club Mendoza de Houston Houston TX

300 Carlos Lara Gonzalez CCIME-TX Del Rio TX

301 Jorge Canada CRISOL Austin TX

302 Sergio Diaz Del Rio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Del Rio TX

303 Rev. Robert W. Mueller El Divino Redentor Presbyterian Church San Antonio TX

304 Lupita Colmenero El Hispano News Dallas TX

305 Florina Beyza Jayme FEDECMICH-TX Irving TX

306 Julio Bañales FEDEMICH Dallas TX

307 Roberto Ibarra Federacion de Clubs Michoacanos Lewisville TX

308 Rosa Maria Riojas Romero Fuerza Comunitaria Corpus Christi TX

309 Maria Bautista Inmigrantes Latinos en Accion Austin TX

310 Esteban Vlasich JUNTOS/TOGETHER de El Paso El Paso TX

311 Rosalba Santibanez JUNTOS/TOGETHER de San Antonio San Antonio TX

312 Berenice Medellin Kappa Delta Chi Austin TX

313 Jose Sanchez LULAC COUNCIL #4945 Longview TX

314 Arturo Cuellar LULAC of Plano, TX Plano TX

315 Jorgerivera LULAC #4943 Dallas TX

316 Michael Seifert Network Weaver, Rio Grande Valley Brownsville TX

317 Marta And Nick Nichols Nichols' & Associates San Antonio TX

318 Ramiro Mojarro Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Helotes TX

319 Rosa Maria Ramos Plaza Comunitaria Southmost Brownsville TX

320 Alicia Camarillo Pozneck/Camarillo & Assoc. Boerne TX

321 Adalberto Camarillo Poznecki-Camarillo, Inc. San Antonio TX

322 Jose M Carmona Red Migrantes TX Laredo TX

323 Margot I. Rocha Sembradoras of San Antonio San Antonio TX

324 Felipe D. Garza Southwest Research San Antonio TX

325 Sofia Camarena Su Casita Inc. Dallas TX

326 Maria Mangum Tunmire Realty Irving TX

327 Saul Trinidad United Methodist Church San Antonio TX

328 Margarita Alvarez Voces Unidas por los Inmigrantes Garland TX

329 Soilo Reyes ZRAproductions San Antonio TX

330 Rocio Mejia UNA MANO AMIGA West Jordan UT

331 Wilfredo Bohorquez ASTRACOR Residential Construction Workers Association Alexandria VA

332 Leni Gonzalez Shirlington Employment and Education Center Arlington VA

333 Leticia Riojas Del Rio/Marv's Business Seattle WA

334 Juan Jose Bocanegra El Comite Pro Reforma Migratoria y Justicia Social Seattle WA

335 Laura Useche Friends of the Orphans Renton WA

336 Giselle E Carcamo Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center Seattle WA

337 Luz Del Carmen Endres Mujeres del NW Seattle WA

338 Wendy Johnson University of Washington (id only) Seattle WA

339 Hugo Loyo Club Veracruz of Wisconsin Milwaukee WI

340 Javier Tejeda-Vera Cuna Mutual Group Madison WI

341 Juan V. Ruiz Federacion de Oaxaqueñs del Medio Oeste US Racine WI

342 Thomas Decker National Credit Union Foundation Madison WI

343 Christine Neumann-Ortiz Voces de la Frontera Milwaukee WI

344 Colonia Mexicana en Madrid Madrid España

345 Xicotencatl Cardona Asociacion de Migrantes Organizados, AMOR, A.C. Aguascalientes Mexico

346 Bertha Aguirre Comunidad Migrante Mexico-Americana Guadalajara Mexico

347 Cristóbal Humberto Tenorio Izazaga Conciencia Ecológica de Aguascalientes, a.c. Aguascalientes Mexico

348 Jose Angel Tractor Coperativa Derivados del Maguey de la Sierra, SC de RL de CV Durango Mexico

349 Luis Angel Nieto Nuestros Lazos de Sangre Ciudad de Mexico Mexico

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