Update on Georgia Legislature: Anti-immigrant bills DIE on Cross-Over Day (hopefully)

Written by GRUS
Posted on 2008-03-12

It was a remarkable 30th more ways than one. It has been the most orderly of any 30th day I've seen and we had some real victories on both sides!

Bills that died today in the Senate:

SB 25 Aiding and Abetting

SB 335 English Only for State and Municipal Employees

Bills that died in the House:

HR 413 English Only Constitutional Amendment

HB 971 Not Recognize Some Resident Drivers Licenses from Other States

HB 1028 Wire Transfer Extra Fees

HB 1175 Proof of Citizenship at Voting Registration

We all know that amendments to other bills still alive with the language of the "dead" bills is a dangerous possibility.

Of the bills that are still in play:

HB 978 Vehicle Confiscation - will have a hearing in Senate Public Safety Wed. March 12 at 3:00 pm in room 307 of CLOB

(GALEO NOTE: Assigned to subcommittee for further review and scrutiny because of many questions that are unanswered.)\

SB 350 Felony Driving-Without-a-License will be in House Judiciary hearing Wed. MArch 12 at 2:00 pm in room 132 Capitol

(GALEO NOTE: SB350 passed out of committee and will go before the full House of Representatives.)

FYI- SB 340 the Sanctuary City Bill is still active but has not had movement or House hearing scheduled

HR 127 Urging Change to the Birthright Amendment - has had two postponements and one hearing, but has failed to get the number of votes needed to get out of committee. This is on life-support but not quite dead yet.

HR 1483 is a new "local" resolution urging Gwinnett County to take Federal training program "to speed up Gwinnett deportations. This is not likely to go anywhere because it does not provide any funding for training, and has already been rejected by the Gwinnett County Commission.

Everyone has worked hard to accomplish some amazing things over the last few weeks and especially today. Let's keep it up. Anyone who can call members of Senate Public Safety to oppose HB 978 is a priority. Also, action calls can include calling the House Judiciary (Noncivil) to oppose SB 350. Volume counts!

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